What makes the Kahuna LED mask so special?

· Quality of the light – this is not just red light It. All 120 NIR lights. Not of them are visible light. It is only with Near Infrared ray which optimize skin improvement. It penetrates into deeper layer of skin and stimulates collagen. NIR therapy has been around for 30years, used by NASA astronauts and the variety of medical fields and numerous researches prove its efficacy.

 Also where was made is very important. Kahuna Mask is made in Korea. Korea makes the best led in the world and also the power of the output is more than other current led masks. High number of the light doesn’t matter when the output is low. Higher output brings higher effect.

· Safe- Kahuna Mask is made for home regular basis and showing no side effects. It is designed to skin & Scalp care. However, the light is called the light of life and you can actually use for any parts of your body. NIR has longer wavelength than sunlight, Kahuna Mask is safe for pregnant women.

· Life span – Use straight from outlet. You don’t have to worry about recharging, explosion and battery replacement. You can use up 96years.